"Michael did an excellent job showing us the way leading to real and increased top line results within our organization.  I would recommend Michael to any company that is committed to re-energizing it's sales approach.", Stet Schanze, President Gray Mfg.

"Michael has a unique ability to visualize the entire playing field in order to create a winning sales strategy that is mutually beneficial to both the customer and the company. He delivered on the “Big Deals” by managing complex decision processes both within the customer’s management as well as within his own company. He played a critical role in the creation of the business strategy and successfully inspired the sales force in the execution of the new innovative plan. He is one of the best sales professional and sales executive that I have ever met!" Joseph P. Clayton, President & CEO, DISH Networks

"Michael, you did a fabulous job delivering the Coach the Coach session as well as the session at our global sales meeting. You have made an incredible favorable impact on our organization.”, Ron McCullough, Vice President Sales, North American Manufacturing

“Michael Liacko’s creativity and understanding of our sophisticated marketing requirements were leading factors in CA’s signing of a global marketing agreement with . Michael took the time to understand our business issues and our market. He delivered a global marketing events solution that provided added value to our organization.”, Herb Siegel, Senior Vice President Event Management, Computer Associates

“Your workshop was very engaging and you clearly are a true expert in the field!” Robert Trout, Director Strategic Accounts, Shell Global Solutions, Europe

“Thank you very much for participating in the China Business Session last week. Your advice, inputs and guidance helped us to understand China business in a broader way and lead us to a more clear direction.” Xiaoli Shi, Managing Director, Shell Global Solutions, Bejing, China

“Michael provided a professional approach to educating and training our sales and marketing managers in being more effective and, in turn, creating more profit for T-Systems.”,Robert Brendel, President, T-Systems International

“What you taught our sales people is completely 360 degree change to our current sales approach and it works! You are very good at what you do!” Paul Conover, Regional Sales Director, Asia, CFS

“Your delivery is uplifting, attention keeping and very relevant.  Just excellent!”, Jeffry Zavik, CEO, Immuno Labs

Michael taught us how to sell our own product!  We applied his sales techniques to our process and made a very complex sale quite simple”, Eugene L Cobuzzi, Chief Operating Officer of TBA Global Events

Sales training in today's highly competitive marketplace must equip your team with unique skills that deliver a strong competitive advantage.

In the complex sale arena, the most effective sales training programs integrate marketing and product strategies to create business advantage for your customers. This is the unique ingredient that produces long-term profitable customer relationships and positive bottom-line results.

From the tactical to the strategic, in both domestic and global marketplaces LIACKO CONSULTING customized training programs translates the hidden value of your products into strategic business advantage for you.

Our Clients say it best!
Lead your sales team to world-class sales performance

Recruit, hire and tain high performance sales teams

Redefine the role of your sales managers to develop high-performance teams

Teach managers to have superior coaching and mentoring skills

Implement twelve stage, quick start for new hire success and quick profitability

Ensure accurate forecasting for sales management professionals