Sales Assist Services
The foundation of LIACKO CONSULTING is to offer highly skilled subject matter experts with unique in-depth experience, knowledge and processes in a variety of business areas. Our goal is to help our clients expand their business and increase revenues by creating a transformation strategy that has significant positive financial impact on our client’s business. Our expertise is in a multitude of information technology areas as it relates to business development, security, performance and functionality.  We have access to renowned Information Technology CIO’s, sales and marketing executives as well as Intelligence Community senior executives who are available to be brought in to assist in this process in both an advisory capacity as well as opportunity generation. The following are a few of the sales assist services that are available from LIACKO CONSULTING:

Closing Contracts
LIACKO CONSULTING will take the lead on managing your sales opportunities from the initial meeting to signing of the contract. Our approach is much like the medical teaching model. See one, do one, teach one. Our consultants main objective is to make sure that your sales professionals learn this unique process and can execute this process on their own.

Successful sales professionals become a source of business advantage and create unique value for their customers. In order for the customer to understand your value proposition, the customer must be led through a unique process that allows them to define their challenges and opportunities, and specifically determine the financial impact of the absence of your solution. The customer cannot, and will not, do this accurately on their own. LIACKO CONSULTING is highly experienced in applying this unique process in real customer situations and will assist our clients in closing sales opportunities.

Transition from a government sales strategy to selling to commercial companies

Most companies that attempt to apply their government sales strategy to selling within commercial markets find that they encounter significant unexpected challenges. LIACKO CONSULTING have bridged this gap and can help your company deliver successful sales performance quicker and at a lower cost.

Transition from a commercial sales strategy to selling to government agencies
LIACKO CONSULTING have years of experience in doing business with the US Government in classified and non classified environments. @SENTINEL has the high level and broad based contacts as well as the knowledge to navigate your company through the most complicated government mazes.

Finding New Opportunities
Understanding the unique value that your products and solutions offer and how the absence of those solutions manifest themselves in certain businesses, is the basis for LIACKO CONSULTING to create new business opportunities for your company.

Shaping RFP Requirements
In commercial opportunities, helping the customer understand the cost of the absence of your solution in their environment is fundamental to our approach. Helping them through that process and having the indicators of the absence of your solution incorporated into their buying process, increases the probability of your company winning the customers business.

Understanding Budget Processes
In selling to the government understanding how the budget process works and the timing of budgets is a critical component to successfully selling to the government. LIACKO CONSULTING can provide your sales teams with an understanding and roadmap of how government budgets function and the timing associated with those budgets.