Business Development

Are you a unique source of business advantage to your customers?

Who are the real decision makers today that value your product?

Does your customer have a well-defined decision process in place that allows them to comprehend the value of your product?

Could your solution be exceeding your customer’s level of comprehension?

When you separated your customer’s decision process from their approval process what were the results?

How to transition from a government sales strategy to selling to commercial companies?

How to transition from a commercial sales strategy to selling to the government

LIACKO CONSULTING has answers to these questions!

Over the years we have used and fine-tuned a unique business development process that has proven to be highly accurate and successful at uncovering untapped sources of business value in a multitude of companies and industries. We found that many clients provide valuable services at no charge to their customers as well as miss market opportunities to leverage those services resulting in a negative impact on their EBIDTA.  We use this process to uncover and identify the best opportunities and potential strategies that can be implemented quickly.

We turn our findings into a strategic plan and a tactical execution map. We present concise, high-level overviews of our observations and recommendations to our client’s management.  Our objective is for our client’s to obtain an understanding of the findings as well as the fundamental principles of the go forward strategy along with roles and responsibilities for a successful implementation

Business Development Strategies
Business development is a different world today than just a few years ago.  The era of “Solution Selling”, taking the consultative approach by asking questions about your customer’s business and then expecting to gain enough knowledge to “create the solution,” is simply no longer effective!  Most professional salespeople that are considered “good at the process” are facing a very different challenge today.  In these economically challenging times, solution/consultative selling has evolved to become even far more sophisticated and complex for most senior sales executives to navigate on their own.

Businesses are being measured very differently today than in the past few years.  There is a much higher degree of accountability.  Executives are being asked to do more with less. Marketing budgets have been slashed and re-slashed.  Demand-generation is at the top of the list. Every decision must have an attractive ROI, which is typically short-term focused.

The previous technology era was full of big and expansive programs. It’s now, “How do I turn my network and IT purchases into a competitive weapon?” “How do I improve productivity and spend less on infrastructure? Technology buying decisions in the last decade have migrated from a piece parts manner and non-collaborative environments, to where nearly 90% of every IT and telecom decision is now made in a collaboration between IT and the Line of Business executives. Considering that each executive discipline has its own business drivers, this collaboration added another level of complexity to the selling process. Also, most IT buyers are seeking information and direction on how to realize true productivity gains that translate into profits and therefore cannot afford to buy technology for the sake of technology.

The new era of solution salespersons are positioning themselves as unique sources of business advantage to their customers? They are redefining their customer’s perception that their product solution needs to be considered a business strategy that delivers competitive advantage verses a commodity. Understanding how to manage your customer’s decision process is paramount to navigating your way through a complex sale.  It is a learned process through customized sales training programs that support today’s complex business development environments.